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Action from Vale Tudo Japan

Photos by Susumu Nagao.

Credit your artists, dickheads.

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Naho Sugiyama Training for Invicta FC 3 Main Event

Here’s some footage of Jewel’s Chamo Naho Sugiyama preparing for her upcoming title fight. Really looking forward to this fight.

Invicta FC 3: Jessica Penne vs Naho Sugiyama in the first Invicta FC atomweight title fight this Saturday Oct. 6th.

Hey, I filmed this. Yay!

I had a BJJ match with Shooto star Taiki Tsuchiya yesterday. He beat my ass.



Masakazu Imanari & Yoshiro Maeda (Taken with Instagram at 後楽園ホール)

Masakazu Imanari & Yoshiro Maeda (Taken with Instagram at 後楽園ホール)

Roger Gracie black belt Oli Geddes shows us a nice ankle lock form the Overhook X-guard.

Anonymous asked: Hi Dean- Hey, I'm Rob Conroy. I follow your articles on Sherdog. I am a grappling & MMA nut/fan. I grew up in Singapore and Malaysia, which in part ignited my interest in these combat sports. I am an MMA manager, living now in Phoenix, Arizona. I train with and represent former UFC competitor Joe Riggs(37-14-0). Joe wants to fight in either DEEP, SHOOTO, or PANCRASE.... I am having trouble getting contact info for these guys. Any way you might be able to steer me in a proper direction? Thanx

I’m not too keen on throwing my direct contact info up on tumblr, so please try to get at me on twitter, if at all possible.

Caio Terra demonstrates an armbar from the S-mount.